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March 2020

relationship conflicts

Steps: How To Mend Relationship Conflicts

In my last post, I talked about managing conflict in new relationships, based on a series I’m currently doing for TV’s “I Do”. I wanted to share these tips with you all, and do my part in helping manage these stressful few months. Without further ado, here are my tips for mending relationship conflicts. 

family boundaries

Family Boundaries: Now that your spouse is your co-worker…

Like many of my clients, you survived week one working from home through a haze of shock, worry, and interrupted routines. This week you have decided that you want to have a plan in place as to how to best navigate what appears to be at least several months of working under the same roof and possibly even the same room as your partner and family. You want to be able to do more than just keep the peace and be cordial with your unexpected office mate. You want to be able to actually feel productive while avoiding feeling resentful of your partner because of too much-forced togetherness. You’ve probably decided that you need to set up a new set of rules as to how best to co-work without emotional distancing. You need family boundaries. 

Here a set of guidelines I have been suggesting my clients put into place while waiting out the quarantine:

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