Month: September 2021

"Practicing Polyamory" Podcast

Practicing Polyamory – Podcast Interview

Having a solid foundation for your polyamorous relationship Relationships can sometimes face unrealistic societal standards. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, there’s always something to achieve or strive for. Being in a polyamorous relationship, not only do you feel the pressure of achieving that unattainable perfection, but you also want to make sure when you’re working on that in your relationship that you feel heard, validated, and safe. I recently had the privilege …

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Types of Couples Therapy

Types of Couples Therapy: 9 Great Options to Decide Between

Find Out Which Type of Couples Therapy Is Best for You Seeking help can be a challenging thing for some people. Whether it be pride, fear, or lack of knowledge about the subject, something prevents many people from attending marriage counseling.  However, marriage counseling and couples therapy can be beneficial in all types of relationships. In fact, couples who participate in counseling together have a 30 percent higher marital success rate than couples who do …

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