About Faride Herran

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Individual and Couples Relationship Therapist
San Diego, CA

Faride Herran

Becoming a Relationship Therapist

After meeting my father’s partner who was a therapist, I decided that I also wanted to enter the therapy profession. At 16 years old, I admired her job and was excited by the opportunity that being a therapist would provide in touching other’s lives in a meaningful way.

Later as a young adult, I struggled to understand why my romantic relationships were so painful. Fortunately, a therapist helped me figure out the reasons I kept repeating the same unhealthy relationship patterns with different partners.

Once I had this awareness, I was able to improve my relationship skills and strengthen other aspects of my life. Over time, I developed a stronger sense of myself, and as a result, my relationships improved.

Counseling Philosophy

Relationships are part of all aspects of your life. They begin in the family that you grew up in, and then evolve as you grow older and develop social relationships, work relationships, and romantic relationships.

Therapy helps you overcome unhealthy relationship habits and build skills that enable you to have more fulfilling intimate relationships.

The relationship skills that you learn in therapy can enhance every relationship in your life. You’ll notice that your relationships become more rewarding once you develop a stronger sense of yourself and express your needs more effectively.

When you improve your relationship with yourself, you’ll set better boundaries with others, be more honest and open, and be able to resolve conflict more easily.

Becoming more secure and confident will, in turn, allow you to choose and experience the relationships that will be the most fulfilling and rewarding for you.

Counseling Style and Strengths

My strong clinical skills can empower you to make long-lasting changes in your life. I’m able to be fully present and to listen deeply to you.

I can “read between the lines” and understand the underlying issues of the problems that you share with me.

I’m warm, compassionate, and dedicated to my work. I view you and your struggles as being unique. Therefore, my treatment is tailored to your particular needs so that we find the solutions that best suit you.

Having been born and lived in Mexico, I’m bicultural and bilingual in Spanish. My background enables me to be competent when working with people from various cultures.

Professional Counseling Background

I have over a decade of counseling experience in both Mexico and San Diego. I’ve worked with adults, young children, and adolescents who have had a range of problems. These include parenting issues, relationship struggles, depression, anxiety, life crises, and domestic violence.

I’ve also been employed as the Director of a human resources department in an organization, and have been a college professor in the clinical psychology department of a university.

Professional Therapist Credentials and Training

  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  • Training in psychoanalysis and psychodynamic theories
  • Gottman Method Training

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