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Larissa Tekerian

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Individual and Couples Therapist
San Diego and Telehealth

Larissa Tekerian

Becoming a Relationship Therapist

In my volunteer work and later in my journey to become a therapist, I realized the importance of interpersonal relationships. Our every interaction, both casual and deep, affects our human experience. I am passionate about people and helping them realize their full potential and I believe that healthy connections are key to living a better life. I love seeing the growth in a couple’s relationship as well as the individual insights clients make when they are able to overcome challenges and build skills to help each other heal.

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Professional Counseling Background

I started counseling in residential substance use treatment, working with Veterans at Veterans Village of San Diego, as well as at Stepping Stone which is a primarily LGBTQ+ population. I also worked with adolescents and adults in outpatient treatment. For the last four years I worked in inpatient psychiatry and substance use treatment at the VA where I focused on PTSD and substance use treatment. I loved working with the Veterans, for whom I provided supportive therapy, implementing skills to build healthier relationships with themselves and with the world.

Professional Therapist Credentials and Training

  • M.A. Social Work, San Diego State University, 2020
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 2023
  • Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor, 2016
  • Gottman Method Level II Training
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-Substance Use Disorder
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy
  • CAMS-Care Evidence-Based Suicide Prevention and Treatment Training
  • Opioid Overdose Prevention and Treatment Training
  • Suicide Prevention Training Certificate, QPR Institute, San Diego
  • Volunteer, International Bipolar Foundation, San Diego
  • Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance, San Francisco

Counseling Philosophy

In relationship work it is imperative for an individual to work on a personal level as well. As long as an individual is willing to continue to grow and put in the effort, I will work alongside him or her. Teamwork is essential to the therapeutic process and I will continue to motivate and encourage my clients throughout.

Counseling Style and Strengths

Therapy can feel daunting at times; it requires hard work. I seek to create a space for my clients in which they feel comfortable being their authentic selves and don’t hesitate to express their true feelings in the moment. I love getting to know my clients, their histories and passions--even if those passions are not yet known, so that together we might uncover them. I recognize the strengths in each of my clients that will help toward developing skills and reaching objectives. Understanding a client's potential, I can be direct in a loving way and I will call out what doesn’t serve.

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