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Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Individual and Couples Relationship Therapist
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Melissa Beal

Becoming a Relationship Therapist

From an early age, my heart always has been passionate about helping and supporting others. As a first-generation Mexican immigrant, I have the fortune of having first-hand experience of the struggles that life inevitably can present to us and learning how having healthy relationships around us is crucial to navigating through it.

What fulfills me as a therapist is when the person in front of me feels accepted, seen, and listened to. Being able to create solidarity, bring support, and help others realize their power is one of the most satisfying parts of this profession.

Counseling Philosophy

I believe every person has the inner power to heal, grow, and change. At the same time, learning practical skills can be very helpful. My goal is to create a safe space full of empathy and acceptance, learn from you, listen to your experiences, and meet you where you are.

As a multicultural therapist, I truly believe in the uniqueness of each person, their roots, culture, and the impact that this has on our lives. It is my priority to honor your story and validate it. I will work in collaboration with you to find the best way for you to meet your goals.

My Counseling Style and Strengths

My work focuses on offering a safe and trusting place for you to feel seen, heard, and understood while sharing what I have learned to help you find your best outcome. I will challenge, encourage, and assist you through the process of reaching your goals and learning about yourself.

Dealing with depression, anxiety, family, relationships, or work-related stressors can be overwhelming. Feeling alone during life transitions can be the hardest battle to fight, and my goal is to accompany you during this process.

As a part of the Latinx community, I know our community's tenacity, perseverance, and resilience. I firmly believe in the internal capacity of each person to solve problems, heal, and achieve their goals. My mission is to use these tools and help you overcome life's difficulties.

The Relationship Place Headshots

Professional Counseling Background

I had the experience of working with patients and families dealing with Alzheimer and Dementia in a home health care setting. I have had the privilege to work with the Latinx community, supporting and accompanying them to overcome life struggles, offering services in Spanish, Spanglish, and English. I have participated in a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Latino women a safe place to connect and learn strategies to build healthy relationships among their romantic relationships and families. I genuinely understand the importance and richness of people’s cultures and the challenges that this can bring when combining them in a relationship.

Professional Therapist Credentials and Training

  • Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling with an Emphasis in Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Education
  • Gottman Method Training
  • Center Person Therapy

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