Move Forward with Your Life and Relationships

A lot of people think that once you’re in recovery from addiction, the rest is easy.

As you likely know, this is rarely true.

Healing only begins once you stop abusing substances.

Navigating your life and relationships without alcohol or drugs can be tough.

Some days your emotions are all over the place…

Irritability and anger…

Sadness and grief…

Anxiety and depression…

You may have trouble connecting with your partner. It’s a new experience - almost like a new relationship.

You were so far apart before - you wonder if you can repair the damage.

Benefits of Counseling in Addiction Recovery:

  • Feel calmer and more in control of your emotions
  • Repair past wounds within your relationship and develop a deeper connection
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence in both partners
  • Develop skills for improving communication and resolving conflict
  • Feel excited about your future as an individual and as a couple

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