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A Review of Private Practice & Licensing with The Relationship Place – Virtual

May 21, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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As most pre-licensed associates know, it is difficult, if not impossible to find a position in a private practice setting while you are accruing your hours. Even when you are lucky enough to find a position in private practice, there is often only a few clients sent your way. That’s because most private practices survive on insurance referrals which generally don’t allow provisionally licensed clinicians to see their clients. Even when you can get clients assigned, finding quality supervision can feel almost impossible to obtain. Once clinicians are licensed, they often need to decide if they want to leave the security of a group practice or go out on their own. Some clinicians dream about leaving their work in an agency to work in private practice but have no idea what is involved with a transition. This program will walk you through the pros and cons of working in a private practice. This virtual panel will include conversations with associates who are full time employees at The Relationship Place (, which is a private practice with locations in San Diego and Encinitas. They will be joined by the founder of The Relationship Place, Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT. She and her team will answer your questions about what it is like to succeed in a private practice environment that supports working with pre-licensed associates. GENERAL OBJECTIVES
  • Differences in types of clients you will meet working in an agency versus private practice
  • Environment of working in private practice
  • Expectations of clinicians who work in private practice
  • Considerations between working in a group practice and going off on your own once licensed
  • What to consider now that Covid is starting to die down and how it impacts private practice
  • Insurance vs Cash Pay Practices
  • Hear from successful pre-licensed associates who are thriving in private practice
  • Why you need to find a niche when working in private practice
  • Hourly rates versus Percentages
  • Do you get benefits and retirement
  • What costs do you need to consider if you go out on your own?
  • Isolation in solo practice


  • Associates will gain more insight about the differences between working in agency, group practices, and solo private practice.
  • Associates will be better informed about the financial, emotional, and mental tolls of working in each option.
  • Associates will gain confidence in making decisions about which work environment fits their personality and risk tolerance.
  • Associates will be able to gather tools to make decisions about next career steps after licensure is obtained.
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