Counseling for Military Couples and Families

Reduce Worry and Fear and Get Help with Reuniting Your Family after Deployment

The life of your family is likely not easy.

Military life causes a lot of fear and anxiety for the member who has been deployed, as well as those staying behind at home.

You worry about your partner, yourself, and also for your children.

As the partner who stays home, you’re stressed about the family responsibilities that you have to manage all alone.

You feel lonely.

You may also worry about money or other matters.

When the partner who was deployed returns home they may struggle with symptoms of extreme stress or PTSD if they were in active combat.

The adjustment to returning to the family can be stressful for everyone, in spite of the relief from worry and the joy of being reunited.

Benefits of Counseling for Individuals and Couples in Military Families

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and fear while your partner is deployed
  • Develop realistic expectations about the service member’s return home
  • Cope with the service members’ difficulties after returning home
  • Have a smooth reintegration with your family
  • Reconnect more easily with your partner

If you want to find out more about counseling for individuals or couples for military families, please contact us.

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