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Maintenance and Alumni Therapy Getaway

Recharge and reflect on your relationships as you enjoy the breathtaking scenery in San Diego in this 3-day retreat. Return for more relationship advice and additional therapy sessions from the relationship therapist you’ve grown to trust.

recharge and heal

Needing more time to work on your therapy progress?

Is your daily routine becoming a distraction from everything you learned in therapy?

Is it time to schedule time off to work on your relationship issues and continue your healing process?

Do you and your partner need an environment where you can reflect on your relationship, away from the kids?

Come back for a Therapy Getaway recharge. It's time to take a pause and reflect on how far you’ve come in your relationship. It's also time to roll up your sleeves and do more work.

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Meet Dr. Dana, A Professional Therapist Trained in the Gottman Method


What's very special about Therapy Getaway? Take this: you and your partner going on a beautiful, secluded therapy vacation with a relationship therapist ready to help you every step of the way. As you know, we offer the best Gottman-based approach that has been proven from years of practice.

This retreat, comprised of personalized and specialized therapy, spans three consecutive days with 15+ hours, all for you.

Jam-packed with sessions, activities, discussions, and all the right things you need, this 3-day retreat is equivalent to many months of your usual 50-minute therapy sessions.

We will provide you with fundamental tools to help you rebuild and maintain a stronger connection with each other, see your progress in your past sessions, pick up where we left off, and just have a fun, relaxed time with your partner. Our expert therapists, including Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT, who you've grown to trust and love will be your personal guide throughout this journey. We've only prepared the best tools, modules, and programs tailor-fit to you.

"You may not see it yet, but these difficult times will strengthen you. Your heart will grow wiser and your spirit will be stronger."



Vacation or Therapy? You Can Have It Both Here

Experience the best of both worlds when you book an Intensive Therapy Getaway with us. For couples who have done therapy sessions with us, or those needing maintenance therapy sessions, here's how having this therapy (and getaway) can help.

reevaluate learnings past sessions

Re-evaluate learnings from
past sessions

resolve conflicts

Resolve conflicts you failed
to fix

reflect current issues

Reflect on your current

strengthen emotional connection

Strengthen emotional

address potential issues

Address ongoing perpetual issues

evaluate communication

Re-evaluate your growth in using your communication tools

assess own progress

Assess your own

be the person

Recharge your positive perspective

Why Do You Need These Therapy Getaway Sessions?

Relationships need maintenance. Even when you think you’re doing a good job, don’t stop now. You don’t want to slide back to where you were before you visited us the first time. We look forward to checking in on your progress with you.

If you're a therapy alumni:
  • Have the chance to open up about unresolved issues that we haven't tackled yet
  • It's not your usual sessions where time is limited and space can get cramped in the four corners of the room
  • It's important for you to schedule time away from everything as a couple
  • Therapy while on vacation is better for you emotionally and mentally
If you're into maintenance sessions:
  • Step in right where we left off from our previous therapy sessions
  • Have the time away from kids and other demands in life that distract you from working on your relationship issues
  • A change of scenery can help you have a better perspective of things
  • A vacation is the best way to reduce stress… why not make it therapeutic too?
  • It’s important to give yourselves the credit for the work that you’ve been doing and this is an opportunity to see yourself shine

gain a fresh perspective

Remind Yourself On How Far You've Come

Before the weekend begins, you will both be given access to an online Relationship Checkup.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup is an online assessment tool created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman in collaboration with The Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington. The assessment is composed of 480 questions in five categories: Friendship and Intimacy,  The Conflict Scales, The Shared Meaning System, and Individual Areas of Concern. Question topics include friendship, intimacy, conflict, finances, children, trust, commitment, drug and alcohol screenings, and individual issues that can put a relationship at risk.

You will each access it confidentially and will not be able to see each other’s answers. Your clinician will get the results and have specific areas to work on with you based on that assessment. The overall assessment takes about one and a half hours to complete. However, you can work on it in small increments as it will save as you go.

If we are booking on a weekend, it can be helpful to stay in a hotel or a Bed and Breakfast so that you are really disengaging from “regular” life. We often find it helpful to plan activities that feel like a vacation such as reservations for dinner and making arrangements to have childcare so you can focus on yourselves

What our clients say

"This was the best therapy we have ever done. I actually think we finally got the tools to improve our marriage."

Los Angeles Couple 9/24/23

“Learned a lot of coping tools. Dana is very experienced and sensitive to people's situations and knows how to make you feel comfortable as if you were in your own home”

J.V. 8/12/2023

“Therapy Getaway immensely helped us talk about our problems in a safe place”

H.V. 8/12/2023

“Great session. Sabrina knows her stuff and is really good at helping us find the language to effectively communicate”

L.D. 9/9/2023

“I definitely feel Therapy Getaway helped with our relationship goals because it allowed a deeper dive in a structured fashion, with tools to continue improving our relationship.”

B.S. 9/10/2023

Unsure if this is for you? We offer a FREE CONSULTATION
to see if you are a good fit for this intensive therapy

Our Intensive Therapy Getaway Packages


One-Day Intensive Therapy Package

  • Welcome package
  • Relationship Checkup Assessment (done before event)
  • Couple’s introduction session (3 hours)
  • Plus 3 hours of skill-building to learn how to prevent future relationship issues
  • Take-home package of tools and supplemental material
  • With Dr. Dana McNeil - $2,700
  • With a Licensed Intensive Therapist - $2,100
Improve Strength/Growth

Two-Day Intensive Therapy Package

  • Welcome package
  • Relationship Checkup Assessment (done before event)
  • Couple’s introduction session (3 hours)
  • Plus 6 hours of intensive therapy
  • Take-home package of tools and supplemental material
  • With Dr. Dana McNeil - $4,000
  • With a Licensed Intensive Therapist - $3,200

Three-Day Intensive Therapy Package

  • Welcome package
  • Relationship Checkup Assessment (done before event)
  • Couple’s introduction session (3 hours)
  • Plus 12 hours of intensive therapy
  • Take-home package of tools and supplemental material
  • With Dr. Dana McNeil - $6,700
  • With a Licensed Intensive Therapist - $5,200

*Custom packages or longer day options available, please contact us at (619)535-8890

get to know your

Therapy Getaway Team

Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT

Founder of the Relationship Place
Certified Gottman Therapist

Jeffrey Young, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Individual and Couples Relationship Therapist

Your Therapy Getaway Weekend Begins Here

It is important to set up a consultation to ensure you are a good fit for intensive relationship therapy. The consultation is free. We will need to talk with both individuals. All couples will receive a scientific evaluation of their relationship.

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