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About Helena Sclavakis

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Individual and Couples Therapist
San Diego and Telehealth

Helena Sclavakis

Becoming a Relationship Therapist

I started my journey working with couples at the beginning of the pandemic doing volunteer work through providing pre-marital coaching. I’ve worked with couples in which one or both partners are recovering from addiction. Through my experience, I’ve seen how an intimate relationship can be both a healing process, where partners can help each other grow, or a harming one, where behaviors towards each other can have a negative toll on the relationship. My goal is to help couple’s adapt their behaviors to allow the relationship to progress in a more positive and healing way.

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Counseling Philosophy

It is okay to seek extra support to help us reach our full potential. We all may experience barriers that keep us from reaching our hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations. We may have difficulties experienced in the past still lingering in our present life. Taking the first step to start counseling is an achievement in itself. My goal is to help you through these barriers and guide you closer to becoming your best self.

My Counseling Style and Strengths

It is important to be truly heard and understood in order to receive the right support needed. I value creating a safe space for my clients to feel comfortable in bringing any type of problem into the session. There will never be any judgment as I always maintain an open-mind and collaborate with you so there can be progress towards your goals.

I utilize motivational interviewing to help clients make progress towards the change desired.

I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy to assist clients to implement new behaviors and thinking that benefits their lives.

Professional Counseling Background

My experience is working in an outpatient setting for alcohol and drug addiction. I have facilitated individual, group and couple therapy. I’ve counseled individuals with dual diagnoses, including anxiety and mood disorders. I’ve worked with clients from diverse populations, including LGBTQ+, various socioeconomic classes, and race/ethnic backgrounds.

Professional Therapist Credentials and Training

  • M.A. Marital and Family Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Gottman Training Level 1

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