Stressed Parents of Special Needs Children Counseling

Improve Your Relationship by Taking Care of Yourself

Being the parent of a special needs child is challenging to say the least.

Attending to your child’s needs takes up much of your time.

You’re preoccupied worrying about your child and his or her future.

There is no time left for you or your relationship with your partner.

You may feel disconnected from each other.

You might be in endless conflict that you can’t resolve.

Perhaps you feel like you’re never on the same page.

You know you need help. You’re not coping very well.

You’re worried that your relationship is getting worse each day.

Benefits of Counseling for Couples with a Special Needs Child:

  • Reduce stress and worry about your child
  • Discover how to take more time for yourself and your relationship
  • Feel more grounded, calmer, and relaxed
  • Spend more quality time with your partner and feel more connected to each other
  • Enjoy your life as an individual or family and feel confident that you have the skills to manage any future stressors

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