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Thriving In Polyamory Therapy Getaway

Revel in the beauty of SAN DIEGO as you and your partners enjoy a 3-day Therapy Getaway. We welcome you to a safe, open space to comfortably talk about issues in your relationships as consensual non-monogamous partners

reassess yourselves

Are there relationship issues between partners you've been struggling to resolve?

Does the foundation of your relationships feel shaky and you want to strengthen them?

Are you struggling with negotiating agreements between your partners and metamours?

Do you want to address trust issues that might have happened along the way?

Are you struggling reaching compersion and feel guilt about it?

We offer a safe, honest, and open space where you can explore your feelings, share experiences, and find greater happiness and fulfillment in your relationships.

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Meet Dr. Dana, A Professional Therapist Trained in the Gottman Method


What's very special about Therapy Getaway? Take this: you and your partners, going on a beautiful, secluded therapy vacation with a relationship therapist ready to help you every step of the way. We offer a scientific-based approach that has been proven from years of practice.

This retreat, comprised of personalized and specialized therapy, spans three consecutive days with 15+ hours, all for you.

Jam-packed with sessions, activities, discussions, and all the right things you need, this 3-day retreat is equivalent to many months of 50-minute therapy sessions.

We will provide you with fundamental tools that will help you navigate issues about your relationships, solve conflicts, and communicate with each other better. Our friendly and reliable therapists, including Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT, will be your personal guide throughout this journey. We've only prepared the best tools, modules, and programs tailor-fit to you and your partners.

"You may not see it yet, but these difficult times will strengthen you. Your heart will grow wiser and your spirit will be stronger."



Vacation or Therapy? You can have them both here

Experience the best of both worlds when you book an Intensive Therapy Getaway with us. For couples considering entering consensual non-monagamy, or just looking to explore open relationships, here's how having this therapy (and getaway) can help.


Strengthen your relationships with all partners


Reinstill trust in your relationships


Fix agreements between partners and metamours


Set your relationships' future
up for success


Identify difference between boundaries, rules and agreements


Help everyone get better at communicating


Be open about all the issues you've been bottling up


Understand yourself and your partners better

Eager to take the next step to improve your relationships?

Learn how to create relationships that allow for healthy boundary setting, create agreements that take all partners into consideration, and foster a stronger sense of connection, intimacy, and support.

Difference Between Polygamy and Polyamory
This is great for . . .
  • Polycules struggling in their new relationship setup
  • Multiple partners having problems with boundaries
  • Partners needing to rebuild their foundation in a poly relationship
  • Multiple partners wanting to make changes in their relationships
This may not be for . . .
  • Couples who are still considering a polyamorous relationship (see other Therapy Getaway options)
  • Partners who cannot commit to the intensive nature of this process
  • Partners who are not committed to the process

start your journey

To a Healthier Polyamory Relationship

Before the therapy begins, all partners attending will be given access to an online relationship checkup.

The Gottman Relationship Checkup is an online assessment tool created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman in collaboration with The Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington. The assessment is composed of 480 questions in five categories: Friendship and Intimacy, The Conflict Scales, The Shared Meaning System, and Individual Areas of Concern. Question topics include friendship, intimacy, conflict, finances, children, trust, commitment, drug and alcohol screenings, and individual issues that can put a relationship at risk.

You will each access it confidentially and will not be able to see each other’s answers. Your clinician will get the results and have specific areas to work on with you based on that assessment. The overall assessment takes about one and a half hours to complete. However, you can work on it in small increments as it will save as you go. We often find it helpful to plan activities that feel like a vacation such as reservations for dinner and making arrangements to have childcare so you can focus on yourselves.

What our clients say

"I feel like Therapy Getaway helped with my relationship goals because of the quality and comprehensiveness of the pre-session intake paperwork and diagnostic assessment. Also the quality of Savannah's work."

TW with Savannah

"Savannah is excellent. Highly recommend her."

TW with Savannah

"This experience helped get issues out in the open. It helped navigate hard emotions. Provided communication tools to help move forward."

DV with Dr. Dana

"Helped us engage in conversation in a more productive way"

DV with Dr. Dana

"I feel like we got good tools to help us repair our relationship."

KV with Dr. Dana

"A tool we took away from this was how to avoid fooding and what to do when it happens. Also how to listen and how to convey when something upsets me."

KV with Dr. Dana

"Thank you for the miraculous turnaround on the last day."

KV with Dr. Dana

"Sabrina was incredible!"

JO with Sabrina

"Learned a lot about communication and disordered thinking."

JO with Sabrina

"Thank you for creating time and space for my father and I"

JO with Sabrina

"We learned how to have more carefully constructed conversations" 

TZ with Dr. Dana

"This was the perfect experience to begin our much needed repair"

TZ with Dr. Dana

"Good therapist, good discussion and good tools!"

AZ with Dr. Dana

"We now know how to handle flooding and getting overwhelmed. We are now intentional about connection, communication, practices, etc."

AZ with Dr. Dana

"Loved the experience! Great staff!"

AZ with Dr. Dana

"This was the best therapy we have ever done. I actually think we finally got the tools to improve our marriage."

Los Angeles Couple

“Learned a lot of coping tools. Dana is very experienced and sensitive to people's situations and knows how to make you feel comfortable as if you were in your own home”


“Therapy Getaway immensely helped us talk about our problems in a safe place”


“Great session. Sabrina knows her stuff and is really good at helping us find the language to effectively communicate”


“I definitely feel Therapy Getaway helped with our relationship goals because it allowed a deeper dive in a structured fashion, with tools to continue improving our relationship.”


Still not sure if this is for you? We offer a FREE CONSULTATION
to see if you are a good fit for this intensive therapy.

Our Intensive Therapy Getaway Packages


One-Day Intensive Therapy Package

  • Welcome package
  • Relationship Checkup Assessment (done before event)
  • Couple’s introduction session (3 hours)
  • Plus 3 hours of skill-building to learn how to prevent future relationship issues
  • Take-home package of tools and supplemental material
  • With Dr. Dana McNeil - $2,700
  • With a Licensed Intensive Therapist - $2,100
Improve Strength/Growth

Two-Day Intensive Therapy Package

  • Welcome package
  • Relationship Checkup Assessment (done before event)
  • Couple’s introduction session (3 hours)
  • Plus 6 hours of intensive therapy
  • Take-home package of tools and supplemental material
  • With Dr. Dana McNeil - $4,000
  • With a Licensed Intensive Therapist - $3,200

Three-Day Intensive Therapy Package

  • Welcome package
  • Relationship Checkup Assessment (done before event)
  • Couple’s introduction session (3 hours)
  • Plus 12 hours of intensive therapy
  • Take-home package of tools and supplemental material
  • With Dr. Dana McNeil - $6,700
  • With a Licensed Intensive Therapist - $5,200

*Custom packages or longer day options available, please contact us at (619)535-8890

A vacation to strengthen your relationships

Relationship issues in a consensual non-monagamy relationship can be a lot more complex. Our team of experts who are trained in this can help you navigate through these issues better.


get to know your

Therapy Getaway Team

Dr. Dana McNeil, PsyD, LMFT

Founder of the Relationship Place
Certified Gottman Therapist

Jeffrey Young, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Individual and Couples Relationship Therapist

Your Therapy Getaway Weekend Begins Here

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