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About Alexandra Salone

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Individual and Couples Therapist
San Diego and Telehealth

Alexandra Salone

Becoming a Relationship Therapist

I'm a relationship therapist dedicated to supporting individuals and couples on their journey of self-discovery and connection. My goal is to help you balance who you've been with who you want to become, embracing vulnerability and connection. I'm passionate about exploring new paths of growth within relationships, especially in communities where traditional models may not fit today's needs. I truly believe that everyone has room to grow; sometimes we just need more tools.

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Counseling Philosophy

My approach to therapy is holistic, considering both personal experiences and cultural influences on well-being. I love meeting people where they're at and aiming to bring them closer to their ideal selves. We all have different sides to us, and that's okay. In my role, I create a space where everyone in the room can cultivate their own patience, providing support and allowing for personal growth.

My Counseling Style and Strengths

I am calm, accepting, and inquisitive. My counseling style emphasizes collaboration and empathy. I challenge individuals and couples to be curious with me. Let’s identify boundaries and explore opportunities for creativity and growth. I want to support couples in exploring those topics that are uncomfortable and can feel impossible to start.

My strengths include being open-minded, curious, and calm. I help clients pause, step back, and create effective plans for moving forward. I am committed to creating a space where diverse experiences and perspectives are valued. I embrace openness and curiosity, acknowledging multiple truths within relationships. My approach is enriched by my identity as a woman of color, which brings unique insights to my practice. I strive to foster an inclusive and culturally aware environment that honors and highlights the individuality of each client and couple. Let's explore together and discover paths toward deeper understanding and connection.

Professional Counseling Background

My background combines clinical experience, academic study, and research. In community mental health settings I've worked in diverse communities in San Diego. I have experience working with communities of color, addressing the inherent challenges associated with race, cultural identity, and how these considerations are experienced internally and projected by society.

I have also worked with a diverse range of vulnerable communities, including individuals involved in syringe exchange programs, sex workers, and communities at higher risk for HIV. Every experience is valid, and I approach my work with curiosity and openness, holding space for everyone I work with.

Additionally, I've focused on family dynamics with children and teens aged 6 through 17, addressing issues like substance misuse (for both adults and adolescents), child challenges impacting parenting, anxiety, depression, and separation. These experiences deeply influence my therapy approach, emphasizing the strong connection between personal journeys and relationships.

Professional Therapist Credentials and Training

I am an associate professional clinical counselor in California. I studied Psychology at the University of California Riverside for my BA. I earned my Master of Science in Child Development at San Diego State University. The SDSU LPCC program is designed to pursue clinical licensure utilizing a neurorelational (theoretical) framework with a Concentration in Early Childhood Mental Health to prepare to work with infants, young children, and their families. My additional training includes Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention, and Basic HIV/HCV Test Counseling, equipping me with diverse skills to meet the complex needs of my clients.

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