Pre-marital Counseling

Premarital Counseling
Helping You Get Your Marriage
off to a Strong Start

Choosing a partner is choosing a set of problems

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Our San Diego Expert Couples Therapists Help You Deepen Your Understanding of Each Other and Develop the Skills Necessary to Have a Fulfilling and Lasting Marriage

You’re about to get married…Congratulations!

You’re excited about the big day - and you should be!

Getting married can be one of the best steps you take in life. A healthy and loving relationship can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Right now, you’re feeling in love with each other and may find it difficult to believe that anything can go wrong in your relationship.

This is typical of most people about to get married. Yet, many couples are surprised later in their marriage when their differences appear and they struggle to resolve them.

The worst part is, few couples seek help when their problems first arise.

There is a tendency to wait until they get stuck in conflict and distance before seeking couples therapy.

Wouldn’t You Rather Develop the
Communication Skills and Understanding of Each Other Now
Before Your Relationship Gets into Trouble?

The more prepared you are before your marriage, the greater your chances of having a happy and lasting relationship. This means that it’s a smart move to consider seeing a premarital counselor.

In premarital counseling, you’ll discuss issues that you might not otherwise talk about before marriage. You’ll be ahead of the curve nipping potential problems in the bud before they sneak up on you and build until they become insurmountable.

Key problems that couples tend to have:

  • Different values about money and spending habits
  • Differing levels of sexual desire or sexual interests
  • Not communicating their wants or desires to each other
  • Not accepting each other’s differences or flaws
  • Lacking conflict resolution skills
  • Growing apart because they don’t make maintaining intimacy a priority

Premarital counseling can help you avoid the above problems and more!


It gives you the tools to help solve them when, and if, they do appear in your relationship.

There may be issues that the two of you are nervous about discussing now. The great thing about seeing a marriage therapist for premarital counseling is you’ll get support and guidance in addressing some of the more difficult issues so you can come to terms with them before you married.

Premarital counseling can bring you closer together and build relationship resilience for the future.

Research Shows That Premarital Counseling Helps Couples Achieve Greater Marital Satisfaction

Here’s how you can benefit from premarital counseling:

  • Have an easier adjustment to married life
  • Create more realistic expectations of your relationship
  • Improve communication and understanding of each other
  • Develop key skills to resolve conflict
  • Enhance your understanding of one another’s core values and your differences
  • Better understand each other’s communication styles and individual needs
  • Greater ability to work together as a team
  • Create a greater sense of shared meaning and purpose

Successful relationships are not based on what you have in common or what you agree upon.

Instead, healthy relationships are based on whether you handle your differences effectively.

A key reason why premarital counseling is effective is that it increases your understanding of each other and provides you with the tools for dealing with your differences.

Pre-Marital counseling works!

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