Work Life Balance During the Holidays

Ladders magazine, a leading professional career site and publication, recently asked Dana to share her tips for trying to hold onto your sanity and manage work/life balance during the holidays. Keeping time zones in mind, and carving time for yourself, are just two of the items on her list, read the full article by clicking here.

How to Navigate the Holidays as a Married Couple

Now that you are a married couple, how do you decide what to do for the holidays? Do you prepare for stress with traveling from house to house, trying to fit in visiting every family member from both sides? As the resident relationship expert on the I Do show, Dana tackles this question head on, giving you permission to create your own holiday tradition. Check your local Cox Communications TV channel for this fun new show from YurView ! It runs Sundays at 5pm, Mondays at 9pm, Thursdays at 6pm, and Saturdays at 7pm. Click below to watch her excerpt:

Why Waiting to Get Married in Your 30s is a Good Thing

Whether you’re in a serious relationship or still living the single life as you turn the corner to 30 (or beyond), there are some reasons relationship experts say getting married in your 30s is a good thing. According to a 2019 Pew Research Center report, marriage in America looks quite different now then it did in the past. Divorce is down and the average age of first marriage is up. Our founder Dana recently was published in Wedding Wire talking about the benefits of waiting to get married when you’ve left your 20s behind. Read the entire article here.  

20 things about your health you should never say in public

You health is an important element of your life, and having someone you can trust to talk to about it is a vital part of your support network. However, there are some things you should never say in public, lest everyone in the general public know your private matters. Dana was recently asked for her thoughts on what not to discuss in public about your health for this piece in Eat This Not That:

Surprise Tips on How to Sleep Better

Are you part of the 45% of people who are negatively impacted by poor sleep? Want to know how to sleep better? Check out the latest article in Parade Magazine, where Dana was one of the featured experts giving tips to help you get better sleep:

We were featured on I Do The Ultimate Wedding Show

Looking for a fun new binge-worthy wedding show that covers locations, dresses, and all the other things you think about when planning a wedding? Even better, this one has the added bonus of a relationship expert. Check your local Cox Communications TV channel for this fun new show from YurView called “I Do, The Ultimate Wedding Show” that Dana was recently featured on! It runs Sundays at 5pm, Mondays at 9pm, Thursdays at 6pm, and Saturdays at 7pm. You can watch Dana’s segment below, catch the whole episode by clicking here.

How to talk to your family about illness

Our clinician Dana helped Eat This, Not That! with a helpful list on how to talk to your family when you’re sick, and 20 things you should never say to your family about your health. Some items include being open, honest, and not placing blame. She contributed to more than half the list, check out the complete list here.

The Best Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

Looking for the Best Romantic Date Ideas for Couples? interviewed our clinician Dana for her date ideas for couples wanting to build the romance in their relationships. Check out the original list here. Dana suggests, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or be extravagant to have a romantic time. Some cheap date night ideas can be some of the best: free concerts in the park, exploring a farmers’ market together in your town, hiking or rock climbing, are all good options.  

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