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"Practicing Polyamory" Podcast

Practicing Polyamory – Podcast Interview

Having a solid foundation for your polyamorous relationship Relationships can sometimes face unrealistic societal standards. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, there’s always something to achieve or strive for. Being in a polyamorous relationship, not only do you feel the pressure of achieving that unattainable perfection, but you also want to make sure when you’re working on that in your relationship that you feel heard, validated, and safe. I recently had the privilege …

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Types of Couples Therapy

Types of Couples Therapy: 9 Great Options to Decide Between

Find Out Which Type of Couples Therapy Is Best for You Seeking help can be a challenging thing for some people. Whether it be pride, fear, or lack of knowledge about the subject, something prevents many people from attending marriage counseling.  However, marriage counseling and couples therapy can be beneficial in all types of relationships. In fact, couples who participate in counseling together have a 30 percent higher marital success rate than couples who do …

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Triad Polyamory Relationship

What Exactly is a Triad Polyamory Relationship?

Let’s Break It Down We all know that relationships take on a myriad of different forms. A triad polyamory relationship is one option couples and individuals may consider when looking into nontraditional or non-monogamous relationships. Polyamory has become more common in mainstream media. Still, for those who aren’t familiar, the term “polyamory” loosely translates to “many loves” and refers to a relationship where participants have multiple partners. What Is a Triad Polyamory Relationship? A triad …

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Polyamory Families

Polyamory Families: 5 Challenges and How to Navigate Them

As society becomes ever more accepting of non-traditional family structures, an increasing number of parents and families are identifying as polyamorous or poly. Not only that but there’s a corresponding rise in ostensibly monogamous couples admitting to consensual non-monogamy.  But while people might be increasingly accepting, we still live and work in a society geared towards the monogamous. This can pose logistical and often challenging problems for polyamory families.  It Takes a Village  One of …

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Premarital Counseling

What to Expect in Premarital Counseling and Get the Most Out of It

Many couples wish to remain in their long-term relationship, with many having the desire to turn the relationship into a healthy marriage. However, at times there are bumps in the road that have them questioning if it is possible to have a healthy relationship, let alone a marriage. Having such occurrences come up does not mean that the commitment and relationship have to end, nor the dreams of a healthy marriage. Many couples have had …

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Types of Polyamorous Relationships

8 Different Types of Polyamorous Relationships

Monogamous relationships are the most accepted relationship style in the United States and many parts of the world. Many people find the thought of polyamory repulsive or strange because the idea of a non-monogamous relationship isn’t normal to them.  But there’s nothing strange about polyamorous relationships when everyone has consented and is happy with their relationship or relationships. Polyamory is gaining popularity and acceptance in the United States.  But there’s more to polyamory than simply …

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Difference Between Polygamy and Polyamory

The Difference Between Polygamy and Polyamory: 4 Key Variations

While there are different types of relationships, monogamy is one type that is more familiar than others. Beyond that, other types of relationships are often misidentified or confused with one another. Two of these different types of relationships are polyamory and polygamy. While they do have some similarities in meaning, there are just as many distinct differences to note. So let’s take a closer look at the difference between polygamy and polyamory. What is Polygamy? …

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US Capitol Riot

US Capitol Riot – Talking to Our Kids: Fox 5 Interview

This past Wednesday our country shared in collective shock and sadness following the events that occurred in the US Capitol. Never before as a country have we had to experience so many losses and mind-bending concepts about who we are as Americans. How do we explain these types of events to our kids when we don’t really understand them ourselves?

I had the privilege of speaking with Kelsey Christensen of Fox 5 News about how to best help our children understand why this happened and what it means to them. One of the take-aways from our chat was how important it is that we not minimize our children’s fears and that we give them the space to talk about their fears as often as they need to.

We should normalize for them that these big feelings are real and that it is important for them to talk to their parents to help them better understand what they are experiencing. This means that parents need to be willing to have these conversations even though they may not know what to do or say. The important thing is that parents should be a safe space for their children and let them know they will never judge them for having their feelings – even if their children’s thoughts and feelings differ from their own.

enjoy the holidays

Ways to Enjoy the Holidays – Main Street Living

This has been a crazy year for everyone, and navigating life and the holidays is a bit more challenging. People are looking for ways to enjoy the holidays this year given our limited physical connection with friends and family.

I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts for enjoying the holidays with Cheryl Nelson and Danielle Alvari on a recent episode of Main Street Living. You can watch the clip here.

It’s ok to feel your feelings, but you should also look for the silver lining in your current circumstances. Things won’t always be this way.

Here are some of my tips for staying connected during what could otherwise be an isolating holiday season…

successful couples practices

Successful Couples Practices – Podcast Interview

Successful couples practices require leaders who are dedicated, driven, and confident! That’s what Confident Couples Therapist is all about. My friend and colleague Nancy Ryan and I developed Confident Couples Therapist to help clinicians on their journey to developing a thriving couples practice. We help them navigate the guesswork and trial and error and avoid needless frustration.

We were recently invited to speak with Gordon Brewer on his podcast, The Practice of Therapy. In this podcast we discussed some tips for developing successful couples practices. The need for confident couples therapists has been on the rise in recent months, which makes this topic so timely. During these uncertain times, couples are specifically seeking therapists specializing in couples therapy.

Every therapist has their own personality and style. However, the tips we discussed in this podcast can be helpful to every couples therapist.

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