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Heal from Infidelity and Move on With Your Life

It’s possible to save your relationship… if you want to.

Heal from Infidelity and Move on With Your Life

It’s possible to save your relationship… if you want to.

The impact of an emotional or physical affair can be devastating.

You feel shocked, hurt, and confused.

You might have never thought that your partner would betray you. Your relationship might be hanging by the shreds.

You may wonder if you can save it… or if you even want to. You might not know what you want right now.

You’re overwhelmed with emotions.

If you’re the partner who has had the affair, you may be feeling guilty about your betrayal. You may be torn about your feelings for two different people.

Benefits of Therapy in the Aftermath of an Affair

Counseling can help you heal from the affair and move on in your life - with or without your partner. Whether you decide to attend counseling alone or with your partner depends on what you want.

“Dana was really effective at explaining the research, helping facilitate the conversation with figuring out how to address our biggest challenges.”

Benefits for Individuals

Heal the pain, confusion or guilt

Understand why the affair occurred

Decide if you want to stay with your partner

Benefits for Couples

Repair trust in the relationship

Become closer than you’ve been before

Affair-proof your marriage for the future

Hear From Our Clients

Hear from those who've experienced positive changes through our services.

Whether you’re an individual or a couple hurting and confused due to infidelity, counseling can help.

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