Solve Your Relationship Struggles and Set Clear Boundaries

Choosing to have a polyamorous or open relationship may be more fulfilling for you than a monogamous relationship.

Yet, these types of relationships can be more complicated. Communication problems are common as are unclear boundaries that can cause hurt, confusion, and feelings of betrayal.

Dealing with jealousy can also be a problem. Negotiating the time you spend with partners is also a common issue.

Getting all partners agreeing to the terms of the relationship(s) can cause arguments and pain.

One partner may want an open or polyamorous relationship, and the other may want a monogamous one. Differing needs and desires can make you wonder if you’ll ever find a way to agree.

Agreeing to have a non-monogamous relationship certainly can have a lot of challenges.

And yet - open or polyamorous relationships can be done with sensitivity, honesty, and a lot of clear communication.

Benefits of Counseling if You Have an Open or Polyamorous Relationship:

  • Heal any pain or confusion that exists in the relationship
  • Set clear agreements on your relationship and its boundaries
  • Feel confident in asking for what you need and want
  • Resolve disagreements where one partner wants to open the relationship, and the other doesn’t
  • Improve communication and develop skills for resolving conflict

For help in establishing or healing a difficult relationship due to being open or polyamorous, please contact us to find out more.