Prenatal and Perinatal Counseling for Women and Couples

Reduce Stress During Pregnancy and After Birth

Becoming pregnant and having a baby can be one of the most rewarding experiences a woman or couple experience.

Yet, when you have difficulties, the stress can be overwhelming.

Perhaps you’re stressed due to infertility.

You may have a high-risk pregnancy and be worried about your baby.

Or, perhaps your pregnancy is normal, but you’re worried about the baby anyway, or your ability to cope with a new baby after it is born.

If you’re struggling after the birth of your baby, you might be depressed (post-partum depression) or exhausted.

You’re having trouble coping.

Perhaps you’re conflict in your relationship while you’re pregnant or now that your baby is home.

You’re certainly not alone.

Many women and couples struggle during pregnancy and after having a new baby.

Benefits of Individual or Couples Therapy During Pregnancy and After Birth

  • Set goals, values, and expectations about parenting as a couple
  • Feel more relaxed and at ease
  • Feel more excited about your and baby
  • Develop strategies for reducing stress
  • Feel more connected to your partner and excited about your new family

If you want to find out more about individual or couples therapy during the prenatal and perinatal period, please contact us.

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