Couples Counseling

Here are some resources for those seeking information on couples counseling.

Types of Couples Therapy

Types of Couples Therapy: 9 Great Options to Decide Between

Find Out Which Type of Couples Therapy Is Best for You Seeking help can be a challenging thing for some people. Whether it be pride, fear, or lack of knowledge about the subject, something prevents many people from attending marriage counseling.  However, marriage counseling and couples therapy can be beneficial in all types of relationships. In fact, couples who participate in counseling together have a 30 percent higher marital success rate than couples who do …

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Improve your relationship

Improve Your Relationship – 6 Ways Couples Counseling Helps

Looking to improve your relationship? For many, couples therapy is considered a last-ditch effort to save a relationship. But what if couples therapy was also used to prevent problems instead of just fixing them? No matter the stage of your relationship, couples therapy is a great resource across the board. Some couples go to therapy in order to identify issues or differences before they become problems; others go to improve their communication and increase intimacy …

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individual versus couples therapy

What is the Difference Between Individual and Couples Therapy?

With therapy is growing in popularity these days, it is good to know about individual versus couples therapy. More people are accepting therapy as an essential part of our well-being, and more people are going to therapy as a treatment for mental and emotional health.  And, while more talk and acceptance of therapy can only be a positive thing, it is important for all of us to understand the difference between individual and couples therapy. …

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10 Tips for Setting Realistic Expectations for Therapy

10 Tips for Setting Realistic Expectations for Therapy

How To Set Realistic Expectations For Therapy As humans, it’s easy to fall into the trap of setting high expectations for an experience and then feeling let down when we fail to meet that expectation. Therapy is no different. But setting expectations that are too high or unrealistic in therapy can be detrimental to your experience and take away from the progress you are making. It is essential, therefore, to learn how to set realistic …

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Choosing a great therapist

Choosing a Great Therapist – 8 Things to Consider

Choosing a great therapist is the secret to making therapy work. But how do you find the right one for you? Here’s what we recommend. Begin by identifying why you are going to therapy. Are you going alone or with a partner? Do you want to work on overall mental and emotional health, reducing depression or anxiety, creating meaningful relationships? Or are you seeking treatment for a specific experience such as a trauma? Knowing why …

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Emotional Health

How Couples Therapy Can Support Emotional Health

Today we are talking all things emotional health – what it is, signs yours needs a tune-up, and how our relationships affect it. Emotional health is having self-awareness and an awareness of your emotions. It is the ability to navigate what you are feeling in a healthy and age-appropriate way. If mental health is our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, then emotional health is the way we operate and put those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into …

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successful couples practices

Successful Couples Practices – Podcast Interview

Successful couples practices require leaders who are dedicated, driven, and confident! That’s what Confident Couples Therapist is all about. My friend and colleague Nancy Ryan and I developed Confident Couples Therapist to help clinicians on their journey to developing a thriving couples practice. We help them navigate the guesswork and trial and error and avoid needless frustration.

We were recently invited to speak with Gordon Brewer on his podcast, The Practice of Therapy. In this podcast we discussed some tips for developing successful couples practices. The need for confident couples therapists has been on the rise in recent months, which makes this topic so timely. During these uncertain times, couples are specifically seeking therapists specializing in couples therapy.

Every therapist has their own personality and style. However, the tips we discussed in this podcast can be helpful to every couples therapist.

long-distance infidelity

Infidelity in Long-Distance Relationships

Unfortunately, infidelity is a problem for both in-town and out-of-town partners. However, the idea of “out of site out of mind” is often a reality for many long-distance relationships. One of the main the reasons is that maintaining a connected far-away relationship is difficult at best even for the most loyal partners.

The reason most of us get into a relationship is so that we can have a person by our side who is there both emotionally and physically to weather the storms of life with. The temptation to physically connect with another person who can give you a hug when you have a bad day, put their arm around you and snuggle on the couch, and have sex with you has a strong influence on why infidelity occurs.

Even couples who have strong friendship and communication skills are vulnerable to having a really bad day and find themselves needing support that is in person. The opportunity for a physically present potential partner to come along and fill up the void created by long-distance love is real.

Confident Couples Theerapist

Confident Couples Therapist – Podcast

My friend and colleague Nancy Ryan and I were recently featured on a podcast with Alison Pidgeon from Practice of the Practice to promote our new joint venture, Confident Couples Therapist.

The theme of this podcast was our purpose at Confident Couples Therapist, which is to help clinicians become better couples therapists and build cash practices confidently. Ultimately, therapists who are knowledgeable, prepared, and CONFIDENT will better serve the needs of their clients and provide the quality care they desire. In turn, this will result in a clientele that will return, as well as refer their friends and colleagues to that practice.

In this podcast Nancy and I discuss the benefits of having a cash-pay practice, both for the clients and for the practice, as well as provide some useful marketing tips and ideas for setting up office space and hiring quality clinicians.

Some of our tips include creating a safe an comfortable space for clients, paying attention to details (furniture, wall colors, background music, etc.), and providing a relaxed, warm, welcoming, and friendly environment.

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

Cuddle Positions

Cuddle Positions – Benefits and Meaning

Who doesn’t love to cuddle?

If you are one of the people lucky enough to have someone to cuddle right now, you know how meaningful it can be to experience comfort through human touch. Elizabeth Kirkhorn interviewed me recently for an article in in which we discussed the benefits of cuddling, as well as different cuddling positions.

Specifically, the article discussed six different cuddling positions, what they are, and what they mean.

For example, most of us have heard of “spooning”. But have you heard about “being small”, “the stronghold”, or “the honeymoon hug”? Did you know that each cuddle position means something different? Did you know that although cuddling is intimate, your preferred position in the cuddle says something about your needs or preferences in the relationship?

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