Faride Herran

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
Relationship and Couples Therapist

My strong clinical skills can empower you to make long-lasting changes in your life. I’m able to be fully present and to listen deeply to you. I can “read between the lines” and understand the underlying issues of the problems that you share with me.

Faride was inspired to become a therapist at the young age of 16. She struggled in her early relationship years, and it wasn’t until she sought therapy herself that she was able to develop healthy relationships.

Faride has lived in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish. With over 10 years of counseling experience, she has had success with clients from various different backgrounds and cultures.

Faride is a perceptive and skilled therapist who is thrilled to help her clients create healthier relationships.

My mission as a therapist is to offer a safe environment to embrace your life and relationships and to overcome the challenges that you face along the way.

I will help you harness your strengths as you find solutions to your relationship struggles and enhance your overall well-being.

Camille Cooke

Associate Social Worker
Relationship and Couples Therapist

I promise to listen to you without judgment. I’ll always be supportive, no matter what kind of problems you have.

My casual and relaxed counseling style sets a tone that will help you feel comfortable and safe in sharing your life with me.

I provide compassion, guidance, and advanced counseling tools and strategies to help you create the life and relationships that you want.

I strive to be open and honest and to be flexible as we discover what will work best to help you achieve your relationship and life goals.

Michelle Harris, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My goal in working with you is to increase your quality of life, develop coping skills to deal with stressors, learn new behaviors, overcome unhealthy relationship patterns, and build upon your strengths to develop better relationships.

My family was the earliest inspiration for becoming a therapist.

As I was growing up, I had the unique experience of accompanying them both to work and interfacing with their patients in the community.

I learned to respect their ability to listen, support, empathize, provide understanding, encouragement, hope, and strive for the highest quality of care with humor.

I strive to create a healing and safe space within my therapy office.  I honor clients’ willingness to have me accompany them on their journey to self-discovery.

My mission is to help people be where they want to be. Through problem solving and empathy, I want to help someone see that journey and make that journey.

Mark Raskin

Relationship and Couples Therapist

My mission is to help people be where they want to be. Through problem solving and empathy, I want to help someone see that journey and make that journey.

I think of therapy as a device to help someone determine what is wrong in their life right now, and then use that tool to help develop the path for the change they want to see. I am merely the guide.

I am accepting of all people. I aim to help my clients regulate their emotions so that they can live more fulfilling lives.

I excel at helping clients find ways to cope with the stress in their lives in a healthy way, and to improve their relationships with others. I also help clients build skills to accept and handle change, which is inevitable in our lives.


Client Ambassador

While I finish my master's degree in social work, I look forward to being able to support the team and clients with kindness, respect, and the care they deserve. Whether it's your first call in to our office, or help scheduling an appointment, I am here to help.

I am a warm, non-judgmental and genuine therapist. My goal is for you to feel like you’re talking with a trusted confidant. I want you to feel comfortable, supported, and safe so we can work to make your relationship better. Regardless of what you tell me, it won’t surprise or scare me or cause me to judge you.

Dana McNeil, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Couples Therapist

Dana is a gifted, compassionate, and practical therapist and the founder of The Relationship Place.

Dana proactively sought pre-marital help with her husband before they were married. They worked together through the communication exercises in John Gottman’s book, The Seven Principles to help ensure their marriage would be a success – and it has been!

Dana has achieved the highest level of training possible in the Gottman Method of couples therapy. She has special interests in working with all clients, including those who live out-of-the-ordinary lives or have alternative relationships.