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Heal Your Relationship Pain

Are you having a hard time setting healthy boundaries? Let us help you heal your pain and move forward towards a happier life.

Heal Your Relationship Pain

Are you having a hard time setting healthy boundaries? Let us help you heal your pain and move forward towards a happier life.

You keep hoping your relationships will get better.

You believe that if you just find the right person, you’ll be happy.

Or, you keep thinking that if you behave differently, things will get better.

But, nothing you’ve tried has worked - or at least not well enough to allow you to have the relationship you long for - one that meets your needs and makes you happy.

Healthy Boundaries

You may have a hard time setting healthy boundaries if any of the answers to these questions apply to you-

  • Are you a people pleaser?

  • Do you take better care of other people than you do yourself?

  • Do you change yourself because you fear rejection or distrust your own decisions and feelings?

  • Do you try to fix and control people, places, and things?

  • Do you pretend to agree when you really disagree?

  • Do you obsess about other people by thinking about them, feeling anxious about them, and checking up on them?

  • Do you often conceal your true feelings?

  • Do you find yourself going along with an activity you really don’t want to do? Or do you join in on something you don’t feel like doing?

  • Do you feel stuck and victimized?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be struggling and have difficulty with setting healthy boundaries.

These behaviors can be a sign it’s time to do some inner work.

We can help improve your self‐awareness and change negative beliefs.

Good boundaries enable us to define ourselves. They enhance our physical and emotional health, and in some cases even reduce the amount of conflict we experience.

True intimate relationships occur between two healthy individuals who know their personal values and hold to them.

We can assist in cleaning up boundaries and improve relationships with yourself and others. If you know what you want, you can get it.

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