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Therapy for Older Adults

Feel Good About Your Life as You Age

Aging can bring about a lot of worry and fears.

You may have a hard time accepting the changes in your body and mind.

Perhaps you’re alone. You worry you always will be.

You’re lonely and afraid.

Life doesn’t have the meaning it once held.

If you had children, they have left home. Perhaps they live far away and you don’t see them very often.

You may be in a relationship, but it feels flat. It lost its spark a long time ago. Or, perhaps it’s riddled with stress and conflict, but you don’t know what to do about it.

You fear your remaining years are going to be extremely depressing.

Benefits of therapy for Aging Individuals and Couples:

  • Reignite your enthusiasm for life
  • Feel more at peace; sleep better
  • Sleep more peacefully
  • Improve your relationship or develop the courage to start a new one
  • Engage in activities that you find pleasure in and that allow you to meet new people

You are never too old to have a better life.

It takes courage and commitment, but it is possible.

To find out more about therapy for older adults, please contact us.

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