Attachment Injuries

Are You Struggling to
Understand "Why"?

“Why am I not good enough for him?”
“What did I do wrong?”
“What’s wrong with me?”
"Why do I withdraw and sometimes even isolate whenever I am criticized?"
"Why do I have a need to people please?"
"Why do I always end up being the caretaker?"
"Why do I hold back my own opinions, and even fear rejection, particularly around other men?"
The same questions repeating themselves, over and over, more often than a rower repeats his stroke.


"I have dated countless men and continue to hit dead ends
when all I want is one healthy, long-lasting relationship..."


All of those years of pain, trying to fix everything for everyone, whether they asked for it or not, anxiety, depression, "craziness" and then ultimately losing who you are completely and ignoring the need for self-care.


Can you relate?

If it feels like the universe has been conspiring against you (many things have been going wrong, you keep trusting the wrong people, you just can't seem to get out of your own way, you're chronically ill)... know that you're NOT an anomaly, you're not overly judgmental or needy - but actually fall into a behavioral category than can be talked about and worked on.


Only you can make the decision to break the cycle...

impossible at it may seem...


This isn’t about demonizing your parents (or anyone) but rather recovering from their shortcomings.
This is about taking responsibility for your own healing. Why?


Because it's very hard to be kind to people, to focus on your work, to love others when all your power is spent trying to pretend you don't feel like s**t. When you can't sleep because your heart is beating so forcefully that the entire bed is vibrating - at least it feels that way - you not only lose the joy of sleep, but you feel hopeless and miserable and even more so when you're not able to understand why you feel this way.


No matter how many times you tell yourself that your traumatic feelings were valid, no matter if you know it to be true, you can't stop the voice inside berating you as weak, too sensitive, dramatic, undeserving - which is a source of constant stress and triggering.
Together we'll work on detaching you just enough to observe what triggered what emotional responses. As well as enabling you to practice self-care in a manner that perhaps seemed impossible before.
It’s Not Just About Independence Or Breaking Patterns…
It’s About Creating The
Relationship Of Your Dreams
If you are looking for better ways to manage the intense anxiety of dating, take control of your unsatisfying relationships, or forge an intimate relationship that doesn’t scare or hurt you, it's time to take action.
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Do any of these questions apply to you?

Are you a people pleaser?

Do you take better care of other people than you do yourself?

Do you change yourself because you fear rejection or distrust your own decisions and feelings?

Do you try to fix and control people, places, and things?

Do you pretend to agree when you really disagree?

Do you obsess about other people by thinking about them, feeling anxious about them, and checking up on them?

Do you often conceal your true feelings?

Do you find yourself going along with an activity you really don’t want to do? Or do you join in on something you don’t feel like doing?

Do you feel stuck and victimized?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be struggling and have difficulty with setting healthy boundaries. These behaviors can be a sign it’s time to do some inner work. In order to heal, you have to embrace the hurt first. Then, like a snake, you metaphorically shed that skin. Only you can be the one to take that first step...


...if not now, then when?
Don’t wait or be afraid to ask for help!
Schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation today.
Let’s begin the journey to a happier, healthier partnership.
There are different attachment styles,
here's a simple guide to help you navigate them...

These attachment styles can create emotional difficulties and limitations in the individual’s personal life and in their romantic relationships. However, these patterns can be changed and repaired through self-awareness. The causes, consequences, and solutions can be addressed and overcome leading to a more rewarding and enriched life.


In healthy relationships, conflict, whether explicit or underneath the surface, is NORMAL

You’re not a clone of your partner, nor would you want to be. You have your own thoughts, values, and expectations.

These differences create the perfect circumstances for a storm to brew that will eventually lead to conflict.

Successful relationships are not based on how similar you are to your partner. Instead, success is determined by how well you manage your differences.

It’s not your fault that you’re having problems in your relationships – AND there is nothing wrong with you.

Effective communication skills were likely not taught or modeled for you when growing up, so you have to learn them just like most of us.

Everyone wants to be loved, and that’s why you’re here. You’re brave to seek out therapy so you can discover how to love and be loved better.

The key to solving your problems is to deepen your connection with one another and to find healthy ways of resolving your differences.

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Without strong foundations, couples will always struggle.
Our therapists can help improve the quality of your relationship.

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