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20 Ways to Find love in 2022

20 Different Ways to Find Love in 2022 – As Seen In – Ask Men

Our founder, Dr. Dana McNeil, was recently featured in an article written for Ask Men Magazine. Experts were asked, “What is your top way to find love in 2022?” Dr. Dana offered tip number 5.

5. Network With Dates Who Didn’t Work Out

This may seem like strange advice, but according to marriage and family therapist Dana McNeil, the more you expand your social circle, the more likely it is you’ll meet someone.

“If you and a date don’t work out having a love match, but you really like the person and their character, there is no reason you can’t help each other to network your perspective groups of friends or family members,” she says. “If you are both able to be mature and acknowledge that a love connection isn’t happening for the two of you, why not put your collective network to good use and consider if there is someone that either of you knows who might be a good match?”

Danielle Page – Ask Men – December 8, 2021

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