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December 2020

enjoy the holidays

Ways to Enjoy the Holidays – Main Street Living

This has been a crazy year for everyone, and navigating life and the holidays is a bit more challenging. People are looking for ways to enjoy the holidays this year given our limited physical connection with friends and family.

I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts for enjoying the holidays with Cheryl Nelson and Danielle Alvari on a recent episode of Main Street Living. You can watch the clip here.

It’s ok to feel your feelings, but you should also look for the silver lining in your current circumstances. Things won’t always be this way.

Here are some of my tips for staying connected during what could otherwise be an isolating holiday season…

New Years Resolution

Why You Should Not Create New Year’s Resolutions

Every year, after the holidays are over and January first is right around the corner, people across the world set out to change their lives overnight with a new year’s resolution. Why then, after just a couple of weeks, have most of us have completely given up on what we resolved to do? The answer is that most new year’s resolutions are neither healthy nor sustainable. It turns out, if you want to make healthy, …

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