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Ways to Enjoy the Holidays – Main Street Living

Dr. Dana McNeil
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This has been a crazy year for everyone, and navigating life and the holidays is a bit more challenging. People are looking for ways to enjoy the holidays this year given our limited physical connection with friends and family.

I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts for enjoying the holidays with Cheryl Nelson and Danielle Alvari on a recent episode of Main Street Living. You can watch the clip here.

It’s ok to feel your feelings, but you should also look for the silver lining in your current circumstances. Things won’t always be this way.

Here are some of my tips to enjoy the holidays and stay connected during what could otherwise be an isolating season:

• Focus on self care. It’s ok to feel your feelings.

• Try to find the silver lining. Make new traditions or find things to do that feel unique or special.

• Share a toast or pay a game over Zoom. Zoom (or other video platforms). This is a great way to connect with people right now!

• Bing watch some shows on Netflix.

• Rest, exercise, and move your body!

• Volunteer – walk your neighbor’s dog or start a virtual food drive.

• Pick up the telephone and call someone!

These are great ways to stay connected and to feel like you are not alone.

You may still need support during this time. What you’re feeling is normal, and many people feel the same way from time to time.

At The Relationship Place we genuinely do care about you and are completely invested in you and what makes sense for your life. We want you to have the best life that you can and to enjoy the holidays during this isolating time. We are a safe place for you to come and talk about your needs.

Contact us today! Take advantage of our free 15-minute consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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