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The Relationship Place

Our therapy practice offers a place to find support, empathy, and outside-of-the-box ways of solving your problems. We aim to break the stereotype of what therapy is supposed to be like, and what your relationship should look like. We don’t have stuffy offices as you might find in a medical practice. Our therapy rooms are warm and cozy. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in our living room.

Emotional Health

How Couples Therapy Can Support Emotional Health

Today we are talking all things emotional health – what it is, signs yours needs a tune-up, and how our relationships affect it. Emotional health is having self-awareness and an awareness of your emotions. It is the ability to navigate what you are feeling in a healthy and age-appropriate way. If mental health is our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, then emotional health is the way we operate and put those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors into …

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