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couples therapy vs individual therapy

Why Should I Look For A Couple’s Therapist Instead Of An Individual Therapist?

Dr. Dana McNeil
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Dana McNeil, the Founder of The Relationship Place, explains why you should look for a couple’s therapist instead of an individual therapist. Somebody who is a couple’s therapist has different tools and approaches than somebody who is an individual therapist. Therapists for individuals support you, mirror back what you’re feeling, and ultimately help you figure out the answer you’ve had all along. Somebody who is a couple’s therapist is trained to be a neutral party. Their main and only job is to help you have the best life possible. This is achieved by not taking sides and allowing you the space to get what you need- whether that is an amicable breakup or fixing the relationship.

Couples therapy and individual therapy are both forms of psychotherapy, but they differ in their focus and approach. In couples therapy, the therapist tends to focus on the dynamics between the couple. Individual therapy, on the other hand, focuses on the issues of an individual client. Individual therapy can be helpful in knowing separate issues of partners in a relationship, however, its approach may be limited. Therapists for couples would need to recognize and define intrapsychic and interpersonal dimensions that happen in their relationship and they must be aware of their effects on both sides. Couples therapy is the best way to go for married couples and partners.

Do you think couples therapy is better than individual therapy? Or do you think it doesn’t matter which type of therapy you go to? Watch the video to see what our founder Dr. Dana McNeil has to say.

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