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Cuddle Positions

Cuddle Positions – Benefits and Meaning

Dr. Dana McNeil
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Who doesn’t love to cuddle?

If you are one of the people lucky enough to have someone to cuddle right now, you know how meaningful it can be to experience comfort through human touch. Elizabeth Kirkhorn interviewed me recently for an article in in which we discussed the benefits of cuddling, as well as different cuddling positions.

Specifically, the article discussed six different cuddling positions, what they are, and what they mean.

For example, most of us have heard of “spooning”. But have you heard about “being small”, “the stronghold”, or “the honeymoon hug”? Did you know that each cuddle position means something different? Did you know that although cuddling is intimate, your preferred position in the cuddle says something about your needs or preferences in the relationship?

Here’s a little snippet from the article:

Dana McNeil, founder of San Diego’s The Relationship Place, finds the position that she calls “being small” to be particularly helpful with couples. It’s great for cuddling on the couch, and involves one partner snuggling up on the lap of the other. “When you don’t know what to say, when there aren’t words, if you can get into your partner’s lap and snuggle up kind of like a child, it’s a great way to say, ‘I need to be held, to have that comfort, to feel protected,’” Dana tells Being Small is the perfect position for couples looking to build closeness without having to say anything at all.

The article continues:

…Dana suggests cuddling in order to discuss an [emotional] injury you’ve felt from your partner. According to her, it’s harder to stay in an anger space when you’re physically connected, and so it’s a perfect way to ease tension prior to an emotional conversation.

Cuddling is so important because it taps into a treasure trove of happy hormones. We not only get to experience fun, physical affection from a partner, but we also get a boost of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. Because of this, all cuddling positions are worthwhile in their own way. No matter which method is best for your relationship, build in that time to hug and hold your special someone instead of allowing cuddling to take a back seat. It’s healthy for your relationship, and your body as well.

You can read the entire article here.

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