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How Self-Care Can Change Your Relationship For The Better – As Seen In – The List

It’s okay to put your partner’s needs as a top priority, but your own needs should always come first.

This was further discussed in an article by The List where our founder, Dr. Dana McNeil was again featured. It is said in the article that putting yourself and your needs first before your partner can help you keep a healthier relationship with them.

Also featured on In Style, Dr. Dana McNeil added that we shouldn’t consider self-care a luxury:

“Self-care is not a luxury or an indulgence, because if you don’t have any gas in the emotional tank left you are not going to be able to show up and give back.” She added, “You can’t physically, emotionally, or mentally give to others if you are wiped out.” When you’re happy with yourself and your needs are fulfilled, you’ll be more capable of connecting with others and maintaining your relationships with them, too.”

You can read this full article here.

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