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Own Who You Are and What You Want in a Relationship

Dr. Dana McNeil
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Own Who You Are and What You Want in a Relationship

If you really want to be in a serious relationship, why pretend you don’t to appease someone else? It’s okay to make that known.

Pretending to be interested in only casually dating or portraying yourself as someone who is willing to hook up without a commitment when that isn’t who you are is not going to serve you in relationships. You send mixed messages to both the new partner and yourself by accepting less than you want. The right person for you will find it refreshing and attractive that you are willing to own who you are, and state your expectations about what you are looking for regardless of whether or not the other person agrees or validates you.

If you want to learn the tools about how to ask for your needs in relationships, we can help.  Schedule your consultation today!  We’re here to help.

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