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Relationship Anxiety Is So Much More Common Than You Think – As Seen In – InStyle

Unfamiliar to many, relationship anxiety can be experienced by partners even in a healthy and loving relationship. InStyle describes it as “the general sense that things are not going well in your relationship, even in the absence of evidence.”

Experts including our founder, Dr.Dana McNeil PsyD, LMFT, believe that this is a common behavior. She says;

“You might feel an ever-present dread that even if things seem like they are going well currently, the relationship could turn bad at any point without warning,” notes McNeil. “There is often a sense of ever-present vigilance about the need to keep a lookout for issues that may take the relationship off course.”

But while it is common, it is important that partners must know how to handle it, as relationship anxiety can trigger a person’s response to relationship problems. Dr. Dana McNeil points out;

“Unfortunately, this can lead to the partner being asked to constantly soothe to pull away, creating more of the cycle of seeking validation and connection, “

To know what causes it, and how to address it, you can read the full article here.

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