valentines date ideas for every relationship type

Easy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas For Every Relationship Type

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. It’s hard not to notice when everything around you seem to make you feel you should have something planned by now. But whether you’re planning on bringing her to the fanciest dinner date or getting him the coolest gift, it’s always about taking this opportunity to create more shared meaning as a couple.

Aside from thinking about the best gift to get your partner, coming up with the best Valentine’s date idea can also be very challenging because it’s something most people look forward to. While it’s a special day for most, Valentine’s day can also be a struggle for couples who seem to expect a lot from each other on special days like this. But don’t let this day’s pressures take a toll on your relationship. After all, we all want to make our partners feel special and loved whenever February 14 comes ‘round.

If you still don’t have something lined up for Valentine’s day, we’ve got these exciting Valentine’s date ideas for every couple. See if you find anything that fits your idea of the perfect date! 

For The Busy Couples

Busy couples don’t usually have the time to plan something big for Valentine’s day. If you’re one of them, you can still make this day special by squeezing in simple dates like these:

Go see a movie

When was the last time you two saw a good movie? You might think your busy partner won’t appreciate a simple date idea like this, but with him or her busy working the whole day, this can be a great breather. Treat him or her to a movie you’ve both been dying to watch and make it a date night to remember. Maybe slip a short night walk after the movie. Everyone needs a refresher after a long, tiring day.

Night drives around the city

Make it easy and spontaneous with just you, her, and your favorite road trip playlist. Need food? Get it on a drive-through food stall and have the most memorable car date around the city. With the pandemic, there’s more reason why you should opt for car dates- No need to get your masks on, no need to dress up for a fancy restaurant. You can let your guards down and forget about everything else (including your stressful work) as you enjoy each other’s company. 

See the stars

Taking it slow after a day’s work is important for anyone, and Valentine’s day shouldn’t get in the way of that. If you love the idea of a low-key date night, stargazing with your partner can be a great idea. Make it a moment to remember by having a date night under the stars this Valentine’s day. Ideas for stargazing dates are endless- a romantic beach date under the stars, a cozy picnic setup on your rooftop, or driving up to the nearest mountains to see the stars up close. Like observing nature, stargazing is one way of seeing things from a different perspective and appreciating life at night. Doing this with your partner can be a very rewarding and intimate experience for you both.

After-work bar crawl

The demands of marriage, children, or your stressful 9-5 jobs can sometimes make you both miss your old, carefree life. Surprise your partner after work and bring this life back even just for a night- make it happen on Valentine’s night! Go on a bar crawl, dance the night away, drink and be the fun, happy-go-lucky couple you both once are. 

For Couples On Long Distance

Valentine’s day can be very challenging for couples in a long-distance relationship. Seeing couples celebrate Valentine’s day together can make you miss each other more. However, there are fun ways to still make this day memorable. Here are some ideas:

Romantic Dinner Date On Facetime

Technology blest us with the wonders of video calling. While you can’t be physically there for your partner, a Valentine’s day date can still be possible. Surprise her with her favorite dish by ordering it online. Talk together over a store-bought dinner and have the best dinner date online. Relationships always have their challenges, and for a couple who’s eager to stay together through the tough times, it’s nothing a video call can’t fix.

Write-Me-A-Letter Date

Sometimes, the most beautiful things can only be said on paper. Letters have gone through generations but even with modern technology, they can still capture the hearts of many romantics out there. If you’ve been dying to tell him or her a sweet touching message on Valentine’s day but can’t get your words right, write it on paper. Make him or her do the same and read them to each other. Sometimes, doing something out of the ordinary lets you create a shared meaning – something you two can only understand, no matter how many miles you are away from each other.

Plan-A-Trip Date

Not being able to hug, kiss, or see each other physically on a daily basis makes you look forward to the days when you’re finally together. However, being on a video call almost every day can also get tiresome when it limits you from things you can do physically. If a romantic online date won’t be possible, why not plan your next trip together during your Valentine’s day date? This way, you’ll have something to talk about and engage with in detail. Having a shared goal during a date inspires each other to fight the struggles that come in long-distance relationships while waiting to be in each other’s arms again.

For New Parents

Parenting can take a lot of time away from you, especially when you’re new parents. Most couples at this relationship stage might have forgotten all about Valentine’s day (and maybe every single holiday) ever since the adorable little one came along. However, if you can still squeeze in some time to celebrate it with each other, these can be the perfect date ideas for you: 

Dinner just for two

Dinner dates can be a struggle at this point, but it can get rewarding for you as a couple. Valentine’s day is the best time to celebrate your wins as new parents, talk about things, and ask each other how they’ve been. The demands brought by a new addition to the family can get tiring and stressful. If a date night can get you away from these demands even just for a night, then by all means, just do it. Having a break and enjoying your time together might be the best thing you both need right now.

Home spa date

Everyone needs a good massage, especially new parents who have been busy all day and night tending to their baby. Schedule a home massage for her or for the both of you and spend your Valentine’s the way you both deserve. Sleepless nights, overworked days, and limited time for sex can add to your everyday stresses. If you’re thinking of the best date she’d ever want at this point in your married life, this may be it!

Home movie night

If you can’t think of anything else that can go along with your busy ‘new parents’ schedule, always go for the classic. See an old favorite film together that brings back great memories. It can be hard to be away from your newborn baby during this time. However, celebrating Valentine’s day in little ways possible – like a simple movie night- can bring you closer together. Always find time and make an effort to keep each other happy, no matter how challenging times are.

For Long-Term Relationships and Marriages

Being together for so many years, you’ve surely have spent a lot of Valentine’s days and dates together. But that’s not an excuse to treat it like any other normal day. Couples that are married long, or are in a relationship for a long time still need to work on it- maybe even much harder than before. These Valentine’s day date ideas can get you both excited again on February 14th:

Re-enact your first date

Most couples that are married for a long time, or partners in long-term relationships might think they are way beyond the ‘honeymoon’ stage. Because of this, they don’t see Valentine’s day as something special. This might work for some couples, but it might also keep them from seeing each other as someone they can feel romantically in love with. Doing something about it can turn things around. Plan something romantic like re-enacting your first date. That unforgettable moment of meeting each other for the first time had played an important role in your relationship as a couple. Why not recreate it on Valentine’s day and reignite that same spark again?

Create a Valentine’s day tradition

Just like how we are still celebrating Christmas and other holidays, Valentine’s day should also be celebrated with a tradition in place. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant. It could be something as simple as giving her her favorite flowers or making his coffee extra special for the day. Establishing your own mini tradition during Valentine’s day makes it easier for the both of you to stay consistent in creating shared moments with each other.

Dance together (anywhere you can!)

You can go into a club and dance the night away, or simply turn on your favorite romantic music and dance your heart out around the living room. Dancing keeps you connected physically, just like how hugging, kissing or making love do. Physically getting in contact with each other can release oxytocin hormones, which can help you feel love and connection. Studies have proven that dancing with each other can help couples feel more satisfied and more in love with each other.

For Polyamorous Relationships

It’s not always the easiest for polyamorous people. Even if they are open and understanding to have relationships with more than one partner, Valentine’s day, and every other holiday can be a struggle to prepare for. Apart from considering who to spend it with and when, there’s also thinking about different ways to keep everyone happy during this special day. These Valentine’s date ideas might help:

Split dates 

There’s only one Valentine’s day every year but with poly folks, there are more than one Valentine’s dates they should prepare for. While this can get tricky, there’s nothing good communication can’t fix. Make sure to communicate all the setbacks and compromises to keep everyone in the relationship prepared. Some partners need some alone time with you, some won’t mind if you go out altogether. Splitting dates is the best way to do it if you want to keep each relationship private with every partner. It should be discussed well and all parties involved should agree.

Opt for a group date

If it won’t be a problem to anyone, you can opt for a group date instead and allow each other to meet the other person you’re dating. This can be helpful for both of your partners once they get to know each other too. Polyamorous relationships may look complicated as it is, but with the right people having fun together and setting healthy boundaries, it can work better than any other relationship you’ve been in. Who knows, it might be the best Valentine’s group date you all need. 

Go outdoors

Keep it fun and light with an all-outdoor Valentine’s day weekend. With everyone having fun together, it’s easier to keep everyone happy on Valentine’s day. Unlike dinner dates and other intimate dates, there are lesser chances for awkward intimate moments. After all, being in a polyamorous relationship should be like the outdoors- candid, fun, and full of adventures.

Why Valentine’s Dates Should Be Important For Couples

Yes, it can be the most advertised day in February, but couples should treat Valentine’s day special in their own little way. A reason to celebrate your love for each other should never be taken for granted.

While there are couples who prefer not to celebrate it traditionally, having something to share with your partner during this special day can add to your shared meaning as a couple. May it be something symbolic as a gift, a routine, or a unique ritual you’ve come up with, it will surely have a great impact on how you celebrate your relationship.

Celebrating Valentine’s day is one way of bringing back the romance in your relationship while making your partner feel loved and special. It’s something that couples should look forward to and prepare for every year.

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