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what is eggshell parenting

What Is Eggshell Parenting? – As Seen In – Charlie Health

Eggshell parenting is a term that recently went viral on TikTok. The term might be new to some, but this parenting style has been observed in parents’ and caregivers’ behaviors for ages.

What is it exactly? Our founder, Dr. Dana McNeil PsyD, LMFT describes it as a style of responses from a parent or caregiver that are inconsistent and unpredictable. In an article by Charlie Health, Dr. McNeil shares her expert views about eggshell parenting and its effects on children.

She notes that,

“Kids with eggshell parents can’t predict when their parents will react because their parents’ emotional ups and downs typically have inconsistent themes or triggers,”

Furthermore, she also reminds us that children with eggshell parents tend to feel that they are responsible for their parent’s behaviors:

“These parents may become easily triggered by situations involving their children and may respond in ways that imply to the child that they are responsible for the emotional satisfaction of their parents,” McNeil says.

You can read more about the article here.

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