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why you should write your partner a love letter

Why You Should Write Your Partner A Love Letter – As Seen In – MindBodyGreen

In a world dominated by quick texts, the idea of writing a love letter might seem outdated. Yet, there’s a charm to it that’s unbeatable.

An article by Mind Body Green argues why jotting down your feelings is a powerful move. Love letters offer a personal touch and a keepsake for your partner, proving love in a way digital messages can’t. Wondering why a love letter could be a brilliant idea? Our founder, Dr. Dana McNeil PsyD, LMFT gets into it as she shares her expert advice on the topic.

Dr. McNeil notes that sending a love letter digitally is an option, but writing it by hand might offer a more meaningful experience.

“Science tells us that writing something by hand involves the motor cortex and visual planning parts of our brain,” McNeil says. “As you write a love letter, you actually light up the parts of your language networks in your central and temporal lobes. This means as you see the letters you are creating in your mind’s eye and make stronger associations with the words you are connecting as you relate them to the person to whom you are writing.”

This article is written by Francesca Bond. To read the full article, view it here.

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