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9 Couples Therapy Exercises That Should Be In Every Couple’s Repertoire – As Seen In – Fatherly

Couples therapy exercises, whether or not you’re in active therapy, will always be helpful to improve your relationship as a couple. An article published by Fatherly suggests 9 examples of couples therapy exercises that should be in every couple’s repertoire.

One of the exercises from this list says that couples should hold “state of the union” meetings. This was recommended by no other than our founder, Dr. Dana McNeil. Here’s an article snippet:

State of your relationship meetings are weekly (or daily!) check-ins to see how you’re both feeling in the relationship, says San Diego-based marriage and family therapist Dana McNeil. Think of these brief meet-ups as opportunities to share things you haven’t discussed, issues that need some clarification, or conflicts that need to be resolved. Ideally, each person should have time to share how they’re feeling, uninterrupted.

She also shares why it is essential:

“Both partners are CEOs in a relationship, and both have needs and expectations that require space to be talked about in an open and positive environment,” McNeil says.

You can read the full article here.

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