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What The “You Never Want To Have Sex!” Fight Is Really About – As Seen In – Fatherly

The “You never want to have sex!” argument isn’t always just about sex. An article published by Fatherly talked about this matter and discussed how a couple’s sex life can be affected by much deeper problems in the relationship.

Our founder, Dr. Dana McNeil laid out her expert opinions on this matter, suggesting that the lack of sexual or intimate desire happens when one partner might be experiencing a lot of stress.

“People who are experiencing large amounts of stress or emotional duress often find it difficult to get out of their heads long enough to feel open to giving and receiving sexual desires,”

However, it’s important for this partner to communicate the problem openly. Not doing so may cause the other party to feel ‘undesired’.

“Some clients have fears that their partner may be more attracted to someone else and then create negative self-talk about their own diminished value. Others create all kinds of internal stories about what it means that they are not having sex with their partner.”

This article is originally written by Brittany Risher. You can read more of it here.

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