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Steps: How To Mend Relationship Conflicts

Dr. Dana McNeil
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In my last post, I talked about managing conflict in new relationships, based on a series I’m currently doing for TV’s “I Do”. I wanted to share these tips with you all and do my part in helping manage these stressful few months. Without further ado, here are my tips for mending relationship conflicts.

1. Recognize when you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed

Sometimes we have trouble getting in touch with our emotions, especially when we may not like exactly what we’re feeling. I recommend studying your feelings from an outside perspective. How are you making your partner feel? What do you look like when you’re feeling stressed out?

2. Take a Break from Conflicts

You have to commit to yourself and your mental health. When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, say to your partner, “I’m not really feeling okay. I’m feeling overwhelmed. I think I’ll take the dog for a walk.” Whatever you use to calm yourself down, this is the time to do it. Sometimes in moments of high emotional activity, partners will often say or do things that they truly do not mean. Not taking a break when it is needed may make you or your partner feel emotionally backed into a corner. When people feel trapped, they make decisions a sober mind would never make.

3. Come back refreshed to talk about the conflicts

Once you’ve stepped outside and collected yourself, it’s time to work on mending the issue. Taking a break during those crucial moments of emotional overstimulation will make it much easier to reflect on the issue. Work productively together with your partner to fix the issue once your heads are clear.

I hope you all enjoyed my little bit of advice. The external conflicts surrounding our modern world are so difficult, why should your relationship be?

Everyone can benefit from therapy, even just a consultation. Luckily during this stressful time, we have you covered at The Relationship Place. Schedule a consultation with us today, and we’ll figure out your situation together.

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