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Things to Never Tell Someone With An Illness

Dr. Dana McNeil
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I recently had the pleasure of contributing to an article by Leah Groth for Eat This Not That concerning attitudes towards people who may be suffering from illness. A huge thanks Leah and Eat This Not That!

For my readers, here are some of the things we at The Relationship Place believe you should never say to someone suffering from COVID-19:

#1: “It will be fine. Just don’t think about it and pretend like it’s not happening.”

You might think you are helping someone keep their mind off their illness, but “it” is happening, and being in denial doesn’t help. “It is likely the sick person is thinking about very little else and telling them to the opposite of their reality makes them feel disconnected and shamed.”

#2: “Just suck it up and deal with it.”

When you discount a sick person’s condition it can really hurt. “Having an illness is scary and makes the person feel vulnerable.”

#3: Saying nothing at all!

The worst thing you can possibly do if a person you care about is sick is nothing at all. Ghosting the person or not checking in on them, can make them feel incredibly isolated. “Check in with the sick person to let them know you are thinking about them. When we avoid talking about the illness, it gives the other person the impression they may be burdening you.”

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You can read the full Eat This Not That article here.

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