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I do Uncertainty

“I Do” Uncertainty Podcast

Dr. Dana McNeil
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Of course, life is uncertain. Now more than ever we’re collectively feeling the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz for their “I Do” podcast to discuss tips and advice for couples dealing with uncertainty. You can listen to the podcast here. 

It is always a great pleasure speaking with Chase and Sarah. Their down-to-earth style, candor, relevant topics, and inspirational and insightful guests make them a “must-listen” podcast!

In this episode, we discussed the following:

  • The importance of understanding that things are always uncertain
  • How to cultivate an acceptance of the uncertainty
  • Understanding how we process stress and uncertainty, and why you should share this with your partner
  • Why behind every criticism of your partner there is an unmet personal need

Are you struggling with uncertainty about the current pandemic? Are you worried about how it may affect you or your loved ones? Are you concerned about how it may impact your relationship? Do you wonder how you can deal with the impact this pandemic is having on your relationship? Why not give us a call? The Relationship Place is currently offering a free 15-minute consultation.  Schedule your free consultation today!

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