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Practicing Polyamory – Podcast Interview

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Having a solid foundation for your polyamorous relationship

Relationships can sometimes face unrealistic societal standards. No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, there’s always something to achieve or strive for. Being in a polyamorous relationship, not only do you feel the pressure of achieving that unattainable perfection, but you also want to make sure when you’re working on that in your relationship that you feel heard, validated, and safe. I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by James Sias for his “Practicing Polyamory” podcast to discuss what needs to be addressed to lay down a solid foundation for your relationship.

In the podcast, we discussed what healthy boundaries are, needs vs wants, and understanding each other’s definition of commitment. We often forget that everything we do for our partners and everything they do for us is a gift. Understanding how we give and receive love and understanding it early on helps us with building a strong relationship from the start. There will always be things we don’t agree on in our relationships but understanding each other’s way of communicating helps navigate those obstacles much more effortlessly.

In this episode of "Practicing Polyamory" we discuss:

  • Expectations
  • Commitment for all partners
  • Understanding each other’s value system
  • Perpetual issues – we all have them!
  • Healthy boundaries when a monogamous couple is considering consensual non-monogamy

You can listen to the entire podcast on their Facebook or YouTube.

The Relationship Place is a safe place to talk about your relationship, no matter what that relationship looks like. We have amazing clinicians who work with all types of relationships. We want you to take comfort in knowing that you and your partner, or partners, aren’t our first clients wanting to explore polyamory, and you won’t be our last. We’d love to hear you and support you through whatever it is you need. Please contact us to learn more.

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